I thought I would start things off with a photo of myself doing the Ricky Bobby, aka, I don’t know what to do with my hands….

We spent some time exploring Bellevue downtown park.  I have never been to NYC, but based on images alone, Bellevue park felt a lot like Central park to me.  I am a country boy, born and raised, so standing in a park, surrounded by skyscrapers is very foreign to me.  Its a different kind of beauty, man made beauty instead of the forests and mountains that I am so used to seeing daily.



This is the big problem with LED lights, they produce no heat….  Thankfully I haven’t needed my lightbar at all during this snowstorm.  The ice has been ridiculous this last week in Washington.


Saturday was spent driving around, mostly aimlessly, enjoying the snow covered scenery.  I drove around a lot of Lake Washington this weekend.  The views while driving next to water are something I have always found gorgeous.


The rest of the photos from last weekend I will share on my Instagram page for Samantha.

Gotta finish off with this photo, I have a video that I will upload shortly.

In other news, I signed preliminary paperwork to sell my house.  Pending inspection, the sale will go thru March 11th, 2019.  I have 1 month to finish selling my possessions, and move.  This is going to be a fun challenge, and I am excited for the next step in life!


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