Yesterday I needed a reset.  I needed to get away from all the noise, the chaos and just be.  Going camping solo is very therapeutic, albeit lonely, for me.

I loaded up my Tacoma with a small tent, my camping pad, sleeping bag, pillow, water bottle, a couple Clif bars, firewood, my laptop and that was it.  I didn’t want an excessive amount of stuff to fill my headspace with.  I didn’t even eat dinner.

The forest service roads are about a 30 min drive behind my house.  Camping is very convenient when you live near the mountains.  I arrived at the forest service road, and immediately stopped for a photo.  The entire mountain was covered in fog.


It didn’t take much driving before I was smack in the middle of all that fog.  I love driving in fog personally,  its such a unique experience being completely surrounded.  The forest provided a perfect backdrop for photos of my truck.




This last year I haven’t spend much time camping.  With all the forest fires we had this summer, I didn’t want to accidentally contribute to the issue.  Thankfully my timing couldn’t have been any better, as it had been raining for days on end.  I got slightly drizzled on before bedtime, and it was clear and dry the next morning.


There are a couple of new signs added to the roads since I have been last.  I didn’t photograph the rather large “no shooting” sign that has been added at the bridge.  This sign about forest fires had a Smokey the Bear vibe to it that I found rather humorous.



I mentioned that I was going to elaborate on grounding.  Most people understand that your car’s electrical system needs a ground to properly function.  Likewise your house needs to be grounded to function.  How are humans any different? We have electrical systems in our bodies.  The rubber soles of your shoes insulate you from the free electrons flowing thru the earth itself.  Do a little more research for yourself.  I know I have talked about this before.  Try walking out to your front lawn and standing there with no shoes on.  Give it an honest 5 minutes and see how you feel.  You can even hold your phone and check FB, IG, my blog, whatever while you stand.  I’d love to hear your results, send me a message.

I started grounding on my front lawn, then I upgraded to dirt, then rocks and other hard surfaces.  The hike that I went on yesterday was an easy hike, but there were a lot of rocks. This isn’t a trail to practice grounding on.  My feet were sore the entire next day.  I was only on the trail for 90 minutes round trip.  I set off from the parking lot as the sun was setting, reached the lake in darkness and ventured my way back.  I definitely need to go back and photograph with proper daylight.  The trails continued past the lake, but I didn’t feel up to hiking further without shoes, in the dark no less.


That is the extent of photos I took before darkness settled.  I got back to my truck, and drove back down the trail looking for a camping spot.  There was a perfect little spot on a corner of the road, with a nice fire pit and a flat spot for my tent.  I went to work on the fire immediately, at this point it was completely dark and getting cold.  I had an entire bed full of scrap wood and cardboard to burn, so it only took a few minutes to have a nice blazing fire.  My tent was setup quickly and I started typing.



I spent the next 4 hours alternating between tending to the fire, and writing for myself.  I don’t know if I will share the writings with you as they are rather personal.  We shall see.  I have started a public diary, and in that I realized I need to write a lot of things down for myself.

The next morning I awoke at 8 am.  I packed up my tent, my bedding and set off.  I stopped on the bridge at the bottom of the road, as the morning sky looked gorgeous.  What fog remained was clinging to the side of the mountain.


So that is that.  I hope you enjoyed reading about my short overnight camping trip.  What are some of your favorite camping spots?


Hydrogen Peroxide Therapy update:  today I am up to 8 drops per 8 oz.  Tomorrow will be 9 drops obviously.  They say that this therapy is good for fighting the common cold.  I woke up in my tent with the sniffles and knew a cold was coming.  Perhaps walking barefoot for so long yesterday contributed.  The trail was rather wet and I was walking thru water for awhile.  Either way, tomorrow morning will be interesting.  I hope that this therapy contributes to a speedy recovery.  Currently I have the sniffles and a slight headache.  Oh I also have been hacking up mucus like crazy.  I read today that it was a byproduct of the therapy, as it cleans the shit out of my lungs.  I know my lungs can use the help for sure.

Thanks for tuning in to today’s post.


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