This is the life.  I am sitting on a bench in Kirkland, overlooking the waterfront.  I took off my shoes and walked barefoot across the luscious grass to get down here.  The sound of the waves crashing upon the rocks, plus the dude getting it in his power boat, is so calming and relaxing.  I need to spend more time near water.  A stranger passing by with his dog commented “hey, nice office” and he is definitely correct.  I am actually impressed how “quiet” this area is considering there is a road right behind me.  I am used to the country, where it will get completely silent.  Right now the noise of traffic is a white noise, blending into the sound of the waves.  I am at peace.  What a beautiful day, I love this fall weather.  Its nice to be able to get some work done outside and only mildly sweat.

Tomorrow I have a free day, which I will spend hopefully finishing my Rabbit.  We shall see how that all plays out.  Fingers crossed, the last of the necessary parts for the brakes are waiting for me at home.

I spent the morning waging war against a monstrosity of a tree stump.  The roots of this cherry tree had come into contact with an old water main, and grown every which way around the pipe.  It was an absolute mess.  The first stump we dug up was pretty simple.  There were no roots underneath the stump at all.  This second tree we tackled had 4-5 big roots directly underneath, which were not easy to access.  Not to mention that the Sawzalls sold in hardware stores are a joke.  We had a Milwaukee and a Dewalt sawzall literally spraying us in the face with shrapnel from the electrical brushes.  The Milwaukee died first, and the Dewalt barely held together until the end.  What a feeling of victory when the 2nd stump finally released its hold from the ground.  Ian had started the project many days before, and I put in 6 hours of labor helping him remove the 2nd stump.

Did you see the size of this thing?  I mean Xterra’s are not small SUVs at all.  This monster probably weights 1500 – 2000 lbs easy.

I thought I would throw in a couple photos from this morning.  I have always loved waking up to fog.  It was really thick for a hot second as well.  I always find it such a beautiful sight when the fog clears and you can see the morning sun rising in the sky.

Now why don’t we throw in a random freeway shot for the heck of it.  Mr. EDM Guy, this one is for you.


Not to finish off on too serious of a note here, but sometimes people just need to smile.  We all have bad days, and things can be rough.  One thing that helps me is to laugh.  They say laughter is the best medicine.  I enjoy listening to comedians, scrolling thru meme pages, or watching a ridiculous comedy movie.  I wanted to throw in a meme just for the hell of it, perhaps one of you will get a smile from it.

I have exactly 2 hours until my scheduled float tonight at Urban Float.  I am going to go explore Kirkland a little, get some food and then enjoy my float before heading home.  Hope y’all have a great day, thanks for tuning in.  Until next time.

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