Recently I decided to start shooting weekly mini sessions at parks all over the PNW.  The mini sessions are an easy and fun way for me to promote myself, and get the word out about my photography.  You are not going to hire me to photograph your wedding just based off of my online portfolio.  Most people, however, are willing to take a gamble on a $40 mini session.  This short interaction gives people time to get to know me, like me, and for me to gain their trust.  These steps are vital to my success as a photographer.  The personal relationship that I develop with each of my clients is the main reason that I love photography.  I am a people person, through and through.  My clients allow me to be a part of their special moments, and use my unique vision to capture the results in a digital format that they can enjoy forever.

For the inaugural week I chose Owens Beach, out near Point Defiance Zoo.  I arrived about half an hour early and got my photography gear setup.  I immediately was a little disappointed in my choice of location, having forgot that Owens Beach has such terrible cell reception.  I had grand plans to live stream the whole ordeal on Facebook, to garner attention and share the results with the world.  These plans were not meant to be.  I ended up just parking my truck in the most visible spot that I could obtain and waiting.

Earlier in the day my friend and web developer, Marvin, cross posted my event to the Stancewars instagram page.  Stancewars is a huge car show in the PNW, and Marvin just so happens to run their website as well.  I have also shot for Stancewars in the past.  I had no idea how well this would help promote my event, but I was on the lookout for nice cars driving down to the beach.

Soon enough, a group of 3 Japanese imports came rolling through and stopped.  I grabbed my camera and went to talk to the drivers of the cars.  The attention grabber was definitely this right hand drive Nissan Skyline.


Marvin arrived with his friend Rachel and together they took some promotion shots for Stancewars apparel.


Another group of cars came rolling into the parking lot, saw all of us gathered and joined.  I quickly arranged a few of the cars and voilà, we have a photo shoot mini session.  I snapped a few photos, met with the owners, made some new contacts and had a great evening.


*professional driver on a closed course, do not attempt*  What would a car gathering be without a burnout?  Everyone said their goodbyes and we all parted ways.  All in all, the event was a success.

Some of the things I learned for next time are as follows:

Hold the event at easy to find parks

Hold the event at parks without road construction

Hold the event at parks with cell phone service

That is what life is all about: trying new things, refining the process and figuring it out as you go.  Join me every Wednesday for a different park.  Like my Facebook page to see current information about the next event!  Thank you for reading and hope to see you soon