Last week a friend of mine asked me if I would come diagnose/fix his school bus.  Diesel Mechanic and electrician are just two of the many skills that I possess.  Being my own boss gives me the liberty to take out of town jobs, and gives me the opportunity to catch up with friends whom I don’t often get to see.  I left my hometown of Buckley around noon on a Monday.  I was in no particular rush to arrive at my destination, however I only stopped for one quick photo on the drive down.

Upon arriving at my friends house, I went straight to work on the bus.  I immediately was disappointed in myself for not having mentioned that the batteries should be charged before my arrival.  This set off a chain of events that led to me not working on the bus until the next morning.

After an evening of relaxation and good conversation, I awoke late and began work around 10 AM Tuesday morning.  By 10:15 AM I had the bus running and was preparing to cook breakfast.  My friend made the simple mistake of hooking up the dual batteries in series, instead of the required parallel.  If you don’t understand any of what this means, then you should realize the value of paying a professional before you possibly hurt yourself or burn your bus to the ground.

After a delicious breakfast of bacon and eggs, I informed my friend that the bus was running.  I helped him relocate the behemoth, then went to the river for a dip.  I can not recall the last time that I’ve seen water so clear and such a beautiful shade of green.

Words alone do not adequately convey how cold the water was.  My friends and I played in the water for a few brief minutes, the ice cold water creating a powerful rush of tingling pain shooting out of your entire body.  The experience was a much needed physical reset, I felt incredible afterwards.  The water is such a drastic cold that the other aches and pains I was feeling just melted away, meaningless in my bodies current fight for survival.  The heat of a midday sun was ever inviting as I dried myself off with my t-shirt.


After the river, I said my goodbyes and headed back home.  I stopped at the first gas station in town and loaded up with only the essentials: ice cream and a beverage.


Tune in next week to hear about my drive home.  I took the scenic route, and ended up on some logging roads.  If time allows, I prefer taking the scenic routes wherever I go.  Speeding down the interstate from A to Z at 80 MPH is not my favorite way to travel.  I like to take my time and allow for the road to show me what it has to offer.


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