or Washington State Fair for all you kids.



I have lived most of my life in the state of Washington.  I grew up out in the country, about a 30 minute drive from the fairgrounds.  Going to the Puyallup fair was a staple in my life every September.  I remember growing up and teasing people who can’t pronounce Puyallup.  As a native to the area, I was exposed to a lot of Native American heritage and had no problem pronouncing the different names.


Now that I am older, I don’t go to the fair as often.  In my 20’s, I can only recall going to the fair 2 – 3 times.  In my absence the fairgrounds changed ownership and a lot of things are different.  When I was a teenager, the local country station KMPS used to broadcast live from the fairgrounds.  I remember them counting how many mullets they saw over the course of the month.  I specifically remember one of the DJs saying “Hey check out that guys mullet, oh look the kid has one too, WAIT the entire family has a mullet!”  I used to cry laughing while listening to the radio.  This shit was so funny.  They saw over 50 mullets at the fairgrounds one year.  Washington was super redneck when I grew up, and I was raised in a tiny country town called Hobart.



Now that it is Washington State Fair, the place is a tourist trap.  I don’t know where our redneck population goes to hang out these days.  My favorite ride was the bumper cars, I would easily spend 4 hours riding them when I was a teenager.  Guess which ride they removed from the fairgrounds?  My bumper cars….



Don’t get me wrong, I still love the fair.  I will forever refer to it as the Puyallup Fair.  I was more blindsided by the transition during my excessive absence from attendance.  I went to the fairgrounds this weekend and had a great time.  I actually am hoping to visit again in a few days so that I can spend a few hours on the roller coasters.

I spent more time filming this year than taking photos.  I know film draws people in a lot easier than photography, so I thought I would put in some practice.  I would love some feedback on my style, editing, anything.  I am new at this and have much to learn.

Thank you for reading my ramblings and memories about the fair.  What is your favorite ride, and what is the biggest change you have noticed over the years?

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