These last few blog posts haven’t had much to do with my photography.  This is my page, my life and my story.  I’m going to put up whatever.

I have been travelling like crazy lately.  I haven’t put much energy into my website.  Last February when I lost my job, I told my co-w0rkers that I was never going back to a 9-5.  I was going to put my 8hrs per day into my own endeavours.   On that, I have been failing miserably.  I don’t even put 4hrs per day effort into this.

Photography is such a passion project for me.  I create killer work because I am passionate, and I have an amazing ability to connect with the people that I photograph.  Passion is a double edged sword.  I do not wake up every morning brimming with it.  I am sad, happy, tired, excited, busy, mad, sick, distracted, name 100 reasons.

This is why they say that working for yourself is so hard.  When I have to get to work, I go despite it all.  I show up to work tired, mad, sick even, and do my job.  At home it is too easy to put things off until later.  As soon as I put something off, it does not get accomplished.  I have to be self motivating, and that is very very difficult.  I am accountable to myself, and no one else.  This is evident when it comes time to pay bills.  When I goof off, I get behind financially.  When I focus, I kill it.

I have been putting more energy into selling my possessions than I have this photography game.  Photography is such a hard luxury to sell people.   I am not a salesman at all, but I have been having amazing luck selling my 15+ year collection of VW parts.  I need to find the balance between selling my things and doing photography.   I am loving this blogging thing.  I know this blog post isn’t the finest example of my work, its all part of my growth process.  I am developing my writing style, building my audience and finding my voice.


Thank you for being a part of my crazy journey!  Check out my other web pages, every page represents a different part of my life.  They all tie in together, yet show different things.  For instance my Business Facebook is very professional, vs my Instagram page shows photos that I take in the moment.  Check out my Youtube and leave some feedback.  I love reading all your comments!

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