Today I was cleaning my house and I found a broken key.  To anyone else, it would just be scrap.

The year is 2004 and I am 19 years old, working at my first job which was pizza delivery.  I drove an 81 Rabbit Diesel.  I remember standing behind the pizza restaurant, in the parking lot next to my car.  I had just finished my shift at work and was about to head home.  I grabbed my key, unlocked the door, removed the key and it broke in half right in my hand….  I remember thinking something along the lines of “ok how is this even possible? at least the pieces are in my hand and not inside the tumbler”.

Long story short, I slept in my car that night.  I didn’t actually sleep, the seats were not comfortable and I was cold.  There was a locksmith in the same parking lot.  I was at his door first thing in the morning.  I had never seen a locksmith make a key from broken pieces.  This guy was good, he had previously cut me many keys.  He actually didn’t accept any money, just made me 2 keys for free.  I later brought him a pizza in return.

After that, my memory of the situation goes blank.  I fired up my car, went home and who knows.  It was fun to find these pieces today with a bunch of random bolts.  I forgot that I had even saved them.  Now I need to make some sort of an art project out the pieces as a fun way to honor the memory.  You would think after this experience, that I would always have spare keys hidden on my cars.  Well, you thought wrong.  I can tell you all sorts of ridiculous stories because I never have spare keys.  This is my public recognition that is time for me to always have spare keys of my cars.  I am too old for this kid shit haha.

Not bad for day 2 of my 2018 blog challenge.  Earlier today, I had no idea what I was going to write about.  My mind was tossing around a few different ideas as I cleaned my house today.  When I found those pieces, I immediately grabbed my car key to verify that it was the same and knew I had a story.  We are going to have some fun with these blog posts folks.  Stay tuned!


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