The closer you think you are to your goal, the more things you find that need to be taken care of.  What a metaphor for life huh?  I’m in a reflective mood right now, I just finished recording a pretty passionate video.  I have been doing short videos on my personal Facebook page, sharing life lessons and giving advice based off of what I have learned during my 33 years on this planet.  Tonight I was talking about the topic of Love.  We learn how to love from the people who were supposed to love us as a child: our parents.

My mind is still processing everything I said.  A lot of times when I record these videos, I am saying these things out loud for the first time.  I so often have to stop myself and process what I just said, because it had never occurred to me.  I appreciate when people watch my videos and offer feedback.  I learn a lot by sharing with others.

Today I didn’t have any projects.  The stump tearing up process was put on pause for the day.  Instead I put some effort into my old VW Rabbit.  This is the first car I ever bought, the reason I became a Marine Diesel Service Engineer and the reason I am involved in the car scene.  I have met so many amazing people thru the mutual ownership of VWs.

I am rebuilding the brake system.  I ordered new calipers, new rotors, new pads and installed stainless steel braided brake lines.  While I am at it, I also ordered a new brake master cylinder.  Today while installing one of the stainless brake lines, the original steel line gave up the ghost.  I ended up having to cut it off of the car.  Anyone who has ever rebuilt the brakes on an old car knows how stuck the fittings can get.

Those of you with a keen eye might notice the passenger rear tire floating in the air.  Coilover suspension is quite stiff, and Rabbits are very light cars.

If I jack up the car from the rear beam, I can get 3 wheels off the ground at the same time.  It looks ridiculous floating on 3 jack stands, but its solid as a rock.  Tomorrow I am hoping to get the rest of the brake parts and get this car back on the road.  I bought this car 17 years ago! It hasn’t been on the road in the last decade….

Last week I spent a lot of time digging up a new garden.  I had to excavate the dirt, filter the rocks out of it thru 2 screens, put the dirt back and then haul down manure as a topping.  I haven’t used a wheelbarrow to haul in forever.  I forgot how unstable it can get when you try to go downhill with a heavy load.  I shot a quick video with my Note 8 and my Spivo Flexible Tripod Grip.  Seriously guys, the possibilities are endless with this simple tripod.  I always see women use their phone as a mirror for doing makeup.  I have used my phone as a mirror for grooming and its a lot easier with a simple tripod, as both my hands are free.

Flexible Tripod Grip

Today is the first day that I have taken no Hydrogen Peroxide since I started the therapy.  The process outlined to wean yourself off is quite detailed, but it assumes you have been using H2o2 for months.  I am honestly not quite sure how I should wean myself off, or if going cold turkey would be a bad idea.  The process outlined mentioned taking the dose you were at, every other day for a week.  So I think tomorrow, I will have 10-12 drops at 3pm, then take a day off, 8-10 drops, day off, etc.  We shall see.

I received a message earlier, we are on for stump wrestling tomorrow.  I am going to shower and get to bed, so that I have energy for said project.  Hopefully my Rabbit will be finished and registered by the end of the week.  Thanks for tuning in.

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