For too long I have been a slave to my possessions.  I made the conscious decision to let go, and sell as much as I can.  My biggest struggle is the fact that I am not a salesman.  It is definitely a weak point for me.  Has anyone ever tried an ebay consignment seller?  I wonder if that would just be easier.  Its exhausting photographing every item, uploading the photos, typing a description, fielding tons of questions because no one can be bothered to read the description you spent so long typing, not to mention the whole logistics of shipping.


It was really nice to take the weekend off.  I felt refreshed today.  I spent more time cleaning the house and throwing things away than actually getting anything sold.  I did manage to photograph a decent chunk of the t-shirts that I need to sell.  Typing up individual ads will have to wait for tomorrow.  These are Men’s size M-XL.  Do you know anyone who would appreciate a new-to-them t-shirt?  I have plenty for sale from $5 and up.  None of them are perfect, you will find stains and such.  Any imperfections will be noted in photographs.


I have some behind the scenes photos from a wedding that I attended to show you soon.  I uploaded the images to my computer and started the editing process today.  My good friend Eric married a lovely lady named Emma 2 weeks ago and had an incredible wedding.  Thankfully the weather held out during the evening and a great time was had by all.

Finally I will leave you off with a little blurb about the Hydrogen Peroxide Therapy.  Hydrogen Peroxide is a molecule of water with an extra atom of water (H2o2).  I personally believe that the reason there is little information on the subject is because the Pharmaceutical companies don’t want people knowing about this.  Now I could very well be wrong.  I am learning as I go here.  Hopefully the more I talk about it, I will find someone who has previous experience.  H202 looses its potency with time.  I know the stuff I was given is a couple years old.  I went looking for a new bottle on Amazon, and found out that it is no longer available through them.  Apparently Amazon changed the policy so the max available for purchase is 12%.  I took 6 drops today, tomorrow will be 7 drops in my 8oz glass of distilled water.  I think of this as micro-dosing. I am following procedure but with slightly less potent H2o2.  Once I get my hands on a fresh bottle of 35%, I will dial the number of drops back and continue.  So far I have not noticed any negatives.  I can tell when my system is processing the stuff, I can feel it in my stomach.  I wouldn’t describe the feeling as painful, I would describe the feeling as new and unfamiliar.  So far, so good I would say.

So far I am enjoying this daily blogging.  I find it calming to sit and write for a little while each day.  I hope you are enjoying reading these.

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