The last couple of days have been an emotional roller coaster for me.  I had a really rough time.  Last night I was up tossing and turning until 5am.  Add to all this, the sniffles on top of it, and its been a hard week.  Life is always hard.  That’s why I always tell people, either choose the hard path or a hard path will be chosen for you.  There’s no way around it.  Do you have a life that isn’t hard?  Please, tell us all your secret.  Honestly, any trick to make life easier, share it with the world.  We can all use the help sometimes.

Here are some of the tricks that I use to keep a constant flow of positivity in my life.  I filled my Instagram feed with pages that share uplifting quotes.  I also found @garyvee, seriously go check his shit out guys.  It is motivating.  I was actually not sure what to write about today, and I watched an interview with Gary on Youtube as I ate dinner, and now here I am.  People do not realize that they have unlimited potential.  You hold the keys to your own destiny.  Are you going to be reactive to the situations that come your way, or proactive toward building a happy life for yourself?  Happiness should matter most in your life.  Money will not buy you happiness, your friends will not make you happy, YOU have to make yourself happy.  We are faced with choices every day.  The sad reality is that most people just choose to react to life as it happens around them.  When you are reactive, you aren’t in control.  The situation already happened and now you are deciding to do something.  That’s depressing.  Why? Because its the past and you can’t change the past.  Be proactive in taking the steps to create your own happiness.  Don’t let your mom tell you what happiness means to you, don’t let your significant other tell you what happiness means to you.  Ask yourself what truly makes you happy.

Observe children. Seriously.  Sit and watch a kid for a half an hour.  Just observe, do not interact.  Why are kids always so happy? Don’t get it twisted by thinking “well kids don’t have bills, and jobs and stress to deal with”  Life is just as stressful at 5 as it is 50.  Kids are always playing, always doing what makes them happy.  Their conscious mind, existing in such a happy state, trains their subconscious to always be happy as well.  Case in point: have you ever seen a kid get a scrape?  They cry like hell for 5 minutes, and then forget all about it.  Go right back to playing with a smile on their face.

There is a state of mind called flow state.  For me, shooting a wedding will put me in flow state.  These events can last 6-8 hours long.  A few years ago, after the wedding was over and I was going thru the photos on my computer, I said to myself “Damn these are good photos, who took them?”  Flow state is when you are so engrossed in your activity that time flies, your mind wanders and you are just happy.  I was physically there, taking photos.  My physical body knows what to do, knows how to stage the wedding party, knows how to operate the camera.  Metaphysically I wasn’t there. My mind was off wandering the depths of the universe.

Kids do the same thing, they are constantly in flow state while playing.  What activity can you sit and do for hours without realizing it?  Find that activity and do more of it.  All these things are not hard.  Put positivity on your social media accounts, do activities that make you happy, make an effort to help out a stranger for no reason at all.  The more positivity you bring into your life, the more positivity will find you and add itself to your life.

We all have seen those people on Facebook complaining about their life, their job, their spouse, whatever.  I started to add positivity to my feed, and I noticed that my friends started to add it to theirs as well.  I also noticed that the negative people just sort of disappeared from my feed.

Go roll a rock down a hill, it takes awhile at first, but it builds momentum.


Hydrogen Peroxide Update:  Today I am on 9 drops per 8 oz glass.  I mentioned last night that I had a cold.  My nose was running.  I took my last glass of the night at 11pm, and by midnight my nose was no longer running.

I can’t scientifically prove that this is working for me.  I can tell you I have more energy and that I feel better.  I used to get really tired mid day, and now I do not.  Since this therapy is very specific doses, I scheduled them at specific times.  I drink an 8 oz glass at 8am, 3pm and 11pm.  I could be seeing the benefits because I finally put myself on a schedule.  I have to eat at 9am, noon and 8pm to account for the time my body needs to process the H202.  I have never been one to put myself on a schedule, and I know that is a flaw.  I am glad that thru doing this therapy, I finally put myself on a schedule.


I’ll leave you with that for tonight.  I have something important to go do.  Wish me luck.


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