I had a slow start today, I don’t feel like I accomplished that much.  I went to Costco midday and purchased some plastic bins, some water, a full tank for the truck + 5 gallons just in case, and lunch.  So many people were complaining about the lines in stores today, I apparently got lucky.  The news is saying that it will snow tomorrow, and people are in a panic.



I found the last pair of slippers at Fred Meyer that would fit my feet, and organized my Hot Wheels today.  I am 33 years old, and this is the first pair of slippers I have ever bought myself.  I didn’t take a photo, but I was walking around inside my house wearing a balaclava, gloves, a snowsuit and slippers.  Anyway, I need a piece of cardstock, or some tape for the left half of the case.  When you shut the case, half the Hot Wheels fall out.  I am going to come up with something.



I received a lot of compliments on my hat today while shopping.  I enjoy wearing this hat.  Its warm, its comfortable, it makes other people smile, and I get into fun conversations with strangers because of it.  I also have a lot of history with this hat.  I once was lost in the woods for a day, and this hat kept me warm.


I started organizing/purging my clothes today, and putting them into piles.  I started a pretty healthy pile of shirts to sell/get rid of/giveaway.  I made some pretty good progress, working on that project for a couple of hours.  I completely cleared out all 3 of my clothing dressers.  Now I just have to deal with my t-shirt collection hanging in the closet.

I came out to the camper for the night, and to cook some dinner.  I haven’t had issue with it before, but tonight the microwave tripped the breaker.  I found out which outlet shares the circuit with the microwave.  I had the heater and the microwave on the same circuit.  It only took me a couple minutes of investigation to find the breaker panel.



Tomorrow I plan on purchasing some sandbags to weigh down Samantha, and loading up some supplies.  I am going to see if I can spend the weekend out on the road, helping stranded drivers for some cash.  Last weekend I went out and rescued people for the fun of it, this weekend I am going to see if I can help pay for the damage to the front of my truck.

Thank you for tuning in once again


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