Today I was doing some digging underneath my house.  I found another medicine bottle today.  I was inspired to share with you some of the other cool things that I have found.  I know a few of the bottles broke while I was shoveling dirt, but I have a pretty cool collection going.  Now the bullet shell I have no idea, I think its a shotgun shell….

This bottle of Rainier has been underneath there for quite some time.  I purchased this house 11 years ago.  I am pretty sure that grandma whom I bought the house from was not a big drinker.  I am thinking this bottle has been under the house for 20+ years, but there is no way to be certain.  I was offered $100 to drink the bottle, said yes and then he backed out.  My uncle gave me a can of Rheinlander beer once and I drank it.  Google said that company went out of business in the 60s or so.  I am no stranger to drinking really old beers haha.  I will save this one for a special occasion.

I don’t have a photo, but I have found some 100+ year old square nails under the house also.  Those are pretty trippy.

My favorite thing I have found was this old Hot Wheel.  I love old semis and have always wanted to drive a cabover in real life.  I didn’t even really clean the thing, just brushed it off and set it on my shelf of knickknacks.

I spent all day digging and grounding.  I can’t fully explain the benefits, but the bottom of my feet and up to my calves always feels good.  My feet feel revitalized, energized, and alive.  I hope someone out there tries this with me and gets the benefits.  It’s funny how little people listen to good advice.  I have been sensory deprivation floating for over a year now.  I have only gotten 3 people to come with me.  I can get anyone in for free (a $90 value), and still can’t convince people to try it with me.  Finally now my friend Crystal is starting to see the benefits, and signed herself up for the unlimited membership.  Floating has so many amazing benefits, and all you have to do is lie there for an hour.  It can’t get any easier folks.

So I quit cold turkey on the Hydrogen Peroxide Therapy.  I mentioned that I was feeling positive effects during periods of exercise.  The first day that I didn’t take any H202, I still felt full of oxygen as I worked.  The positive effects lasted for 3 days, slowly dwindling until I was breathing hard while digging on day 4.  There is a case to be made here for athletes, I imagine they would greatly benefit from extra oxygen.  It was a fun experiment, and one I will keep in my mind for a necessary situation.


In the mean time, I need to shower and sleep.  Last nights tequila-fueled posts had me groggy all day, a little sluggish perhaps….  I am out of here, goodnight world.