Recently an old friend of mine contacted me about taking photos of her and her dog.  Allow me to admit that I am not an animal photographer.  I agreed to the shoot because I wanted to catch up with my old friend Heather, and to challenge myself in a new area of photography.  The long and short of what I learned is that animals are harder to shoot than babies.  Lulu is a very energetic puppy, and she loves to run.  We started our photo session at Heather’s house, wondering how well Lulu would respond to directions.  Dog treats are only so enticing when the outdoors offers such a variety of experiences.


We took a few photos around the house, and then loaded up into her little SUV and headed to Lake Wilderness Park.  The park has everything from grass fields, hiking trails, play grounds, ball fields, a river, a boat launch, a dock, and more.  It is a perfect location that I have used for many photo shoots in the past.  All the excitement of the park proved too much for Lulu, she was on sensory overload.  This photo pretty much explains our time chasing Lulu around, Heather’s face says it all.



There was even a brief occasion where Lulu chased two ducks from this spot at the river.  The ducks were pretty brave, allowing Lulu to chase them a bit before finally flying off through the trees.  Despite the chaos, we managed to snag a handful of good photos.


Lulu has this short purple leash that she has no problem dragging behind her.  When she runs off to check out something exciting, her leash flies in the wind like tassels on the handlebars of a Harley.  Lulu came walking back from an adventure with this leash wrapped around her foot, without a care in the world.  I couldn’t help but laugh, she was completely unfazed by it.


We finished the photo shoot by attempting a few action shots.  Lulu will try to catch anything you throw up in the air, so we achieved these next two shots by tossing pine cones up.




Heather and I had a great morning taking photos with Lulu at the park.  If you would like to preserve your memories with me, contact me and book a shoot today!  Thank you for reading my blog today and I hope you enjoyed it.  Feel free to contact me with any feedback or questions.  Talk to everyone soon!









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  • These are awesome Zach!! You really caught the dogs personality. We always told you how talented you are. So glad you ate back into your photography

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