The weather is getting better every day, spring is in full effect and summer will be here before you know it!  Book a portrait session now, and forever preserve your memories.


The key to a successful portrait shoot is relaxation.  My job is to get my clients feeling comfortable as soon as possible.  Once we become comfortable, the real work begins.  I love to use humor to breed comfort.  Its really hard to feel uncomfortable when you can’t stop laughing.



One of my favorite places to have photo sessions is at parks.  I love to include the beauty of nature in my photography.  I also really enjoy taking beautiful photos in places that people wouldn’t normally associate with beauty.  My friend Kathy and I did an amazing photo shoot in an auto wrecking yard a couple of years back.



I love getting to know new people, share some time together and create beautiful photos for you to keep.  Check me out on Facebook, Instagram and subscribe to my YouTube channel.  Thank you everyone and have a good day!

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