Its been years since I’ve updated this site.

A month or so ago I decided that I wanted to share my old photos, to start drumming up attention for my photography again.  I spent weeks rattling ideas around in my head, as to the best way to categorize and share my work.  What I am most interested in photographing, most passionate about, are people.  I love shooting weddings, model sessions and event photography.  Connecting with people, feeling their energy, sharing in the moment and giving them something beautiful to look back on makes me happy, puts a smile on my face.

My hard drive has over 170,000 photos on it from 2003 to 2011.  There are so many memories, so many stories contained within these photos.  Some of the photos I never wish to see again, memories that I don’t need a reminder of.  Some of these photos I have completely forgotten about, a memory buried in a deep corner of my mind.

What I decided, the best way to categorize and share my photos, is to just share.  Share the entire process, share the frustration of already having deleted 10s of THOUSANDS of photos.  I kept so many photos of modified cars, funny photos before memes were a thing, took random pictures of clouds or flowers, etc.

As I go thru folders and find good memories, I will do individual blogs on each subject.  The best stories I will turn into videos for my YouTube channel.  Story telling is something that I am truly passionate about.  I love getting lost in conversation.  These last few years have been hard, I have socialized the least amount of my life.  I haven’t had an audience to share with, to tell stories, to talk about myself for a change.  This blog will be my outlet now.  I can share my story with the world, the amazing things that I have done, places I have been, and hardships along the way.  You’ll be able to see my journey, my progress into becoming the photographer that I am today.  Thank you for reading and stay tuned for more coming soon!