Being my own boss

August 24, 2018By Maverickdiary

These last few blog posts haven’t had much to do with my photography.  This is my page, my life and my story.  I’m going to put up whatever. I have been travelling like crazy lately.  I haven’t put much energy into my website.  Last February when I lost my job, I told my co-w0rkers that … Read More

Thought of the Day

August 17, 2018By Maverickdiary

For some reason this thought just came into my head. I was thinking of myself as a lake. The water in a lake has to come from somewhere, or else it will run dry. Think of the people in your life as either adding or drawing from your supply of water. this is a very … Read More

On the Road Again

August 6, 2018By Maverickdasphoto

Here is a quick recap of my travels over the last month. I am currently on the road in Idaho, heading back to Seattle. I crossed the country in July, 6k miles in 7 days. I got home from that trip, had 4 days off before I flew to Dutch Harbor, Alaska for a week. … Read More