I am typing this post Feb 15th 12:26 am.  A home buyer and his associate just left.  Last week I signed the paperwork to sell my house, and I started a bidding war between 2 different home buyers.  I did not know these guys were so serious about real estate.  I just did the paperwork past midnight on Valentine’s Day.  I didn’t mind, I had nothing else going.

I didn’t even take any photos today. I spent all day reminiscing, and packing my stuff.  Honestly its difficult emotionally to pack up and move.  I have lived here for 11 years, and I have lived in this state my entire life.  I am about to embark on a crazy journey, to which I do not know the end.

Its time to get double serious now.  The new buyer wishes to close on March 1st, and I still have 3 vehicles to sell.  I am going to inquire at the local storage facility tomorrow about space.  I think it will be less stress for me to move car parts over to a storage lot and finish selling off the rest at a more leisurely pace.

I really have no idea how the next 2 weeks are going to play out, but I know they are going to be exciting for sure! Stay tuned


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