For some reason this thought just came into my head. I was thinking of myself as a lake. The water in a lake has to come from somewhere, or else it will run dry.

Think of the people in your life as either adding or drawing from your supply of water. this is a very multi-faceted concept. Your friends and loved ones, the people whom you interact with, co workers and everyone you come across either dips your bucket or adds to it.

I spent the last week with people who were dipping my bucket, who needed my support. This last week drained my lake, there was nothing left to give, much less for myself.

My routine for the last few months has been to start my morning off with short inspirational videos. Starting my morning off listening to someone who is fired up, motivated and accomplishing their goals starts me off on a good foot. This last week I haven’t taken the time for myself to watch these videos. The amount of energy I have during the day was nowhere near my usual levels. We as people need to learn to be selfish, to put ourselves first, to get ourselves in the right mindset to face the day. We get so caught up in the things that we “have to do”, that we ignore our own basic needs. We can not help one another until we first help ourselves. This is a very hard concept to teach, very hard concept to grasp, and very hard to practice.

One of the things I am going to start doing for myself is putting self care in my own mental category of “basic necessities” such as food and water. Practicing daily self care, in whatever form works for you, is something that we could all benefit from. I challenge anyone reading this, as I am challenging myself, to invest daily time in self care.

What kind of things help inspire you, what things bring positivity to your life?

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