Yesterday I challenged myself to start posting twice per day on Instagram, and I already failed.  I did not post this morning.  I had to go digging to find a photo to share just now.  Its been raining all day, and I didn’t take any photos today.  I have plenty of photos from years past that I can share, I just need to be diligent about doing so.

I mentioned a post or two ago that I had forgotten about a topic I wanted to discuss.  I was driving this morning and finally remembered what it was.

I was thinking back about all my ex girlfriends, and realized that every single one of them had a traumatic or troubled past, specifically with their family.  I didn’t realize that I was subconsciously seeking out women who have gone thru terrible situations just like my own terrible childhood.  I immediately became mad at myself for not realizing this sooner.  I don’t know what the point of my anger was, so I let that go.  I have been reflecting on this thought for days….  Am I mad at myself because I never took the opportunity to date someone without a troubled past?  Is there such a thing as a human without a troubled past?  I have been thinking about that last question a lot.  I can only think that people who grow up without trauma, without struggle, with a solid family and good parents, become simpletons.  Is that fair of me to say?  I don’t know.  What is life without a traumatic past?  I’ve never enjoyed such a reality.  Would I benefit from a girlfriend who hasn’t had to struggle in life?

I mentioned that a woman’s character is the most important trait that I look for.  This is an honest question: can you develop character without struggle, without pain and without trauma?  I know my character as a person was built upon the terrible experiences that I lived as a child.  I had a good example of how NOT to do things in life.

Who here grew up with a GOOD example? Good Parents and a nice home?  I would love to hear your input, how do you feel about life?  This would be a long discussion for sure.  We could even record a podcast.

If anyone wants to give me their input, send me an email.  I would love to hear from my audience.

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