Yesterday I sent my good friend and Father figure Dan a text message. I have been helping him with yard work for the last 2 weeks. He told me that there weren’t any projects for me this week. I went to bed Sunday night with no plans for this week. Monday morning I woke up and had been tagged in a FB post. I checked the post, and a friend of a friend named Ian was looking for help with some yard work. Boom. Instant plans.

I spent today with a heavy duty pry bar, garden trowel and a sawzall, cutting up the stumps of 3 cherry trees. I had to break up the dirt, dig it out, expose a root, cut it and so on. I have never worked with a cherry tree before. These things are tough as nails. The entire root system had grown over and around rocks, so it was a nightmare to cut thru. Even the most expensive, toughest looking blades would be reduced to nothing in mere minutes. I put in 5 hours of work, and together we managed to remove 1 of the 3 tree stumps.

Trusting in the universe to provide is such a fun adventure. I was planning on spending this week at home, hoping to sell some car parts. While this is a project that I need to finish, staying at home daily gets boring. The busier I am, the more I accomplish. It sounds strange because staying busy means I have less time, but it works for me. I am in a great mood right now. The weather was in the 60’s and sunny, and I got to work outside. Ian needs my help tomorrow and with more projects, so who knows where this could lead.

While we were working, I mentioned Hydrogen Peroxide Therapy. Ian and I had just met mere hours before. He had a lot more experience and knowledge of Hydrogen Peroxide than I do.  I came to the realization of how advice differs between your friends and strangers. Your friends give you advice based on how they think you should live your life. Strangers don’t know you, and your decisions don’t matter to them. Strangers just offer advice based off the knowledge they have acquired about the subject matter at hand.

Ian asked me one simple question, “what is it that you are trying to cure?”. To which I shrugged and replied, “nothing”.

Last night when I took my 11pm dose, I was involved in some shall we say, rigorous exercise. Last night was actually the first time that I have taken a dosage and immediately exercised. My heart rate was elevated, my body feeling the effects of working hard, but my lungs were just saying “come on body, keep up with me”. I realized that the extra oxygen in the H202 was taking effect. I wasn’t breathing hard at all.

Today when I took my 3pm dosage, I was in the middle of wrestling the cherry tree stump. I again had the same results. Elevated heart rate, body feeling the usual effects of exercise, with no lack of breath. It was amazing how little I had to breath given how hard I was working.

To this I say, Hydrogen Peroxide Therapy works. Now, with that in mind, I am going to wean myself back off and stop. I made it up to 12 drops per 8oz glass, 3 times daily. I have nothing to cure, no disease to fix. I was honestly curious about the whole thing, wanted to see the benefits and/or drawbacks, and figured it couldn’t hurt. I will keep reporting as I wean myself off. I will also report back after I am completely off, and do some rigorous exercise again. I want to see how my body reacts, and how long I feel the effects of extra oxygen, if at all.

It has been quite an interesting 12 days during this process, and I am thankful for the experience. If nothing else, I feel so much better because I put myself on an eating and drinking schedule throughout the day. This also carried over and I have been on a regular sleeping schedule.

Repetition and commitment are very important in life, and this therapy definitely proved that lesson for me. I need to keep myself on a daily schedule, no matter what. I function so much better, my body feels so much better. What things help you keep you on track daily?

Ok people of the internet, thank you for tuning in. I am going to go shower all this dirt off of myself, and rest up before I have to tackle the next stump tomorrow.

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