Yesterday I attended the Toy and Geek Festival at the Puyallup (aka Washington State) Fairgrounds.  There was everything from toys to movie cars to actors signing autographs.  Anime, Pop Funkos and board games do not hold my interest in general.  I really enjoy events like these for the people watching.  Out of all the large events I have regularly attended, the geek/comi-con crowd is one of my favorite.  The vast amount of time and effort put into the costumes worn to these events is inspiring.  The crowds here are full of people who arent afraid to express themselves and just truly exist without fear of judgement.  That is something rare to find in a large scale public event.


I have been reminiscing about Tetris hard for the last year or so.  As I wandered the aisles at the Festival, I came across a vendor selling a Gameboy with Tetris.  I immediately just knew in my soul that it was meant for me.  I looked it it, saw the $75 price tag and moved on.

After 5 or 10 minutes of walking thru the venue, I hopped on eBay to check the prices of Game Boys.  They are currently selling for around $40 + shipping, and there is no opportunity to handle the product beforehand.  I looked in my wallet, found $63 and headed back to the vendor.  He was a friendly guy, and let me power up and play with the Game Boy.  I offered him $60, he countered at $65 and settled for the $63 that I had.


When I was in junior high, around 1998 or so, we had Tetris linked between 2 computers in my classroom.  There was a kid in my class named Matt who was the undefeated champion.  I purchased a black Gameboy with Tetris, and spent 4 or 5 months playing religiously.  I was bound and determined to beat Matt at Tetris. I have always loved puzzle games.  I remember spending countless hours playing Tetris on the schoolbus and in the back seat of my moms suburban on many a roadtrip. During the spring of that school year, I accomplished my goal.


It feels like I have been reunited with an old friend.  I can’t wait to be sitting around a campfire playing Tetris by moonlight.  Stay tuned, I’m sure you haven’t heard or seen the last of my new Game Boy.