As they say, time flies.  It’s been a month since Heather and I got together and did our second photo shoot.  We left her high-strung puppy Lulu at home this time and just concentrated on photographing Heather.  She has been an absolute blast to work with.  When my client is unsure of themselves and lacks confidence, you can see that in the photos.  Part of my job as a photographer is to make my clients feel comfortable in front of the lens.  I find humor is the quickest way to ease the nervousness.  Trust me, I understand how it feels.  As a photographer, I am always behind the lens.  I get nervous when the tables are turned and the lens is pointed towards me.  I personally am running a million things thru my head such as “where are my hands placed? how does my smile look? what about the lighting….”  As soon as someone makes me laugh, all my worries are just carried away and I can’t help but smile naturally.  When my clients are laughing thru the entire shoot, it doesn’t give them the time to be nervous about the photos.  Luckily when Heather and I work together, she becomes an abundance of positive energy.  You can feel the connection thru the photos that we capture together.  I capture amazing results by making photography a team sport, and allowing Heather and I to bounce ideas off of each other and flow thru the environment seamlessly.


Check out this quick behind-the-scenes video to get a glimpse of the environment that we were shooting in.  One of the biggest problems that I face with clients is convincing them not to overthink the entire process.  When we as people overthink and overplan, we stress ourselves out.  By going into a situation (i.e. a photoshoot) with only a basic outline of what we want to do, and allow the environment to show us what it will, the results are always better.  I plan out the location, and talk to my clients about outfits and that is it.  Heather and I walked around with no plans, and took photos with everything that caught our eye.  Check it out.


Heather is the perfect example of my favorite type of client: upbeat, positive, laughs, open and receptive to the environment – goes with the flow.  I know that photography is not a necessity such as food, water or shelter.  Photography is, however, how I provide myself with the basic necessities of life.  Book a shoot today, and help support my dreams!

I am sharing a lot of the “goofy” photos that we took during this shoot.  I wanted to show you, the reader, the side of Heather that perhaps she doesn’t show often in public.  I have often wished for a photographer to follow me around and capture similar shots of myself.  We want to preserve the “big moments” such as weddings, graduations, child birth and the like.  For me, I appreciate the small things, the daily life stuff that isn’t often documented.  This photo shoot with Heather really shows the essence of who she is as a person.  That is the kind of stuff that fires me up, and just one of the reasons that I love photography.  I photograph, document and share the things that most people would overlook.  If this intrigues you, please reach out! Comment below and let me know the things that fire you up.  If more of us would follow our passions, the world would be a better place.  Life is too short of a job that you dread.  Make a conscious choice every day to smile, and spread positivity to others!




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