Have you ever heard of grounding? Walking around barefoot?  Ill explain the benefits later.  I spent 4 hours grounding this morning while I was digging in the garden.  I had a great day.  I was listening to some classic music by the likes of Cat Stevens, Gordon Lightfoot, John Denver, Jim Croce and more.

My ex sent me an email around noon.  I held off reading it until I was done with my digging project.  Its been 2 hours since I read the email, and the whirlwind in my mind is still turned up to 11.  I need to disconnect, get back to nature and reset.  I am going hiking as soon as I finish typing this.  I am going to Summit Lake.  Its just a quick drive behind my house out in Buckley.  Its actually a hike that she really wanted us to do together, and we never made the time.

I brought a small tent, bedding, and some firewood.  I also have my laptop so I will be writing a lot tonight.  I need to get my thoughts out about this relationship, good, bad or indifferent.  I held back because I don’t want this to be some reality tv bullshit, and I don’t want anyone to think negatively of her.  I found out that she has been blogging about the aftermath.  Her blog is good, her writing is probably better than mine.  However, I am represented in a harsh light and now need to publicly respond with my part of the story.

So much for a photography blog.  This is my life, this is who I am.  Feel free to read along, join my journey or feel free to close the tab and move on.  Either way doesn’t effect me any.  I just feel compelled to share.  I feel that the knowledge I have acquired over these 32 years of playing the game of Life might help someone.  Perhaps my recent relationship drama will inspire someone to make a change in their own relationships and improve them.  Who the fuck knows.  I’m just going to talk.  That’s what I always do, and I’ve always wanted to write it down.

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