also, change can be very profitable.  I have been collecting change for my entire life.  I remember kids throwing change at me in junior high, and collecting it.  The kids finally quit throwing change at me once they realized that I was making between $3 and $5 per day.

Whenever money gets tight, I would always roll some quarters. There was one time that I cashed $700 in quarters from these jars.  Collecting change helped me thru a lot of financial difficulties.  You know the struggle is real when you are paying for lunch and gasoline in quarter rolls.  The judgmental looks that you get from cashiers when you hand them change makes the struggle even harder.

Now that I am moving, I am no longer going to collect such a massive amount of change.  I will keep my collection to 1 glass jar.

It was pretty fun to cash in such a large amount of coins today.  I weighed the coins on my scale at home and they came in at 85 pounds, including the jars they are stored in.




The ziploc bag in the photo contained a few dollars in pennies.  These pennies were extremely dirty when I found them, so I had the bright idea to sanitize them with bleach.  I am no scientist, but from my experience bleach and pennies do not make a good mixture.  We loaded them into the Coinstar machine, and it broke after having counted $0.98c.  We drove across the parking lot and used the Coinstar machine at the Fred Meyer.



I started laughing when I saw this message pop up saying “My you have a lot of coins!” knowing that it had just begun.  I looked at the timestamps on the photos I took during this process, and it took 30 minutes exactly to cash in my coins.



You have no idea how long it takes to load 6,542 pennies into a Coinstar machine.  The employees at the service desk were giving us some strange looks while we watched the machine count, and count, and count some more.  I never knew that Coinstar offered gift cards as an option.  I am excited for my new Amazon balance. I ordered myself a new flashlight tonight, because I lost my last one on the job in December and have been without for almost 2 months now.  Those of you who know me well, know that I always have a flashlight in my pocket.  I have felt naked without one.


I have approximately 29 days until my house sells now.  The buyer contacted me today and we made an appointment for the home inspection to happen on Friday.  By Friday afternoon, I will know for certain that the sale is going thru.  Stay tuned.  I am anxious and excited for the next stage in life.


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