So if you can’t tell, I had an accident with my cell phone.  Today I have decided that I can no longer “text and….” from this moment on.  I gave up on texting and driving awhile ago.  Now I need to give up on texting and walking, texting and anything apparently.  I need to stop, stand, finish what I’m doing, put the phone away and move on…. no more broken phone.  Tomorrow morning I will start the insurance claim.

I saw this badass El Camino at the hardware store today.  I ran down there really quick for a quart of paint stripper and some popcorn.  I love seeing old Rancheros and these Chevys.  I am not a fan of flames, to each his own as they say.

I picked up this dresser the other day for $50 and decided to refinish it.  The white paint job was in good shape, I just decided to do this for the fun of it.  Stay tuned to see how it turns out.  It might take me a few days to finish this project, we shall see.

So far I have 2 drawers completely stripped, sanded and ready for refinishing. I have not decided on a final coating.  I am thinking a darker stain.  I guess we are all going to be surprised by the outcome on this one….

I also stopped by the local butcher shop, which is between the hardware store and home, for some treats.  They have this “trail mix” at butcher shops that I absolutely love.  The stuff is expensive, $12.99/pound at my location, yet worth a try at least once.  I love meat and cheese together, its such a good combination and taste in my mouth.

Thanks for tuning in all. This week I should have a wedding photo set out as well.

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