Many people tell me that the stories I tell, that the life I live, the places I go, the things I do, are fascinating to hear about. I have been trying, unsuccessfully I would say, for many years to find my niche. I don’t feel like I have figured out how to convey my emotions, my feelings, and my passion over text or thru my photography yet. Oh well, I will learn as I go. No better way to learn than by doing.

I am going to bring back the daily blogging. Far too often, I say to myself “that was cool, wish I would have shared it with people”. I need to get better at sharing things in real time. Also, I have my mind set on writing a book about my life thus far. I have been taking notes and writing ideas down for the last 3 months now on that project. Blogging will help me tremendously in my pursuit of that goal.

Today in Washington the weather reached a high of 36 degrees F. Currently it is 23 degrees outside. The temperature inside my house is in the low teens. Yes, you read that correctly. My house is colder inside than out. I am currently typing this from the camper in my back yard. This is my 2nd winter that I am surviving in the camper. At less than 100 square feet, a small electric heater can keep me comfortably warm.

I am selling off damn near everything that I own and moving as soon as possible. Every day, I sort my stuff into 3 piles: garbage, recycle, or sell. You can imagine how much stuff I have accumulated in my 33 years on this planet. I have owned over 40 cars in my lifetime, and acquired spare parts for many of them. I collect Hot Wheels, VW toys, tools, T-shirts, and more.

I just got home from buying this Hot Wheels case.  I have approximately 100 loose cars that need a safe home.  I have been looking for a case to keep them in recently.  I did not honestly know that Hot Wheels made such a case.  I stumbled across this on FB Marketplace today.  I contacted the seller and was given his address.  Upon arrival, he was parked in front of the closed gate to a golf course.  I bought this case right out of the trunk of his car, at 9:30pm on a dark side street.  No big deal…. honestly these type of deals don’t phase me at all.  Since the days of Craigslist, I have met all sorts of people and never had an issue.

This photo doesn’t even graze the surface of the amount of stuff I used to have/have already sold/have scrapped.  I collected VW Rabbits and related parts for 17 years.  The people I grew up with and were raised around were definitely hoarders.  You know the mentality of “oh, ill save this because I’ll eventually need it”. Except when time comes that you need whatever you saved, either you can’t find it, or its destroyed because it wasn’t stored properly….

The weather has been slowing my progress lately.  I wasn’t kidding when I said the temperature was in the teens inside my house.  Every morning when I wake up, I have to wear base layers under my normal clothes, 2 pairs of socks, a balaclava, a sweat shirt, a beanie and thermally insulated coveralls just to go work inside the house….  I went inside this morning and my shoes were frozen to the floor.

I have been without running water for about a week now. I do not know when I will lose electricity.  Every time I have had a roommate or someone live with me, they have left owing me money for rent or utilities.  I am behind $1300 in utility bills right now because of that.  They say its supposed to snow again on Friday. I hope that none of this comes across as me complaining.  Honestly I am just telling my story as I experience it.  As time goes on, I will get better at this whole story telling in real time thing.  

Thank you for tuning in, once again.  I know it has been awhile.  

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